The Just Haven Team

The Team

Our locally sourced, handpicked and intensively trained Treaters offer pamper rituals and massage treats. Just Haven firmly believes in the importance of local culture and social development. We are committed to recruit and train Treaters, the ambassadors of the business, from within the immediate community. This relationship has so far given more than 150 ladies the opportunity to earn an income and learn valuable skills. Skills, which will play an important part in their futures.

Tina Robinson

Marketing & Sales Director

My background is long, wide and varied: I graduated from Camelot International Academy in 1991 with CIBTAC, CIDESCO, BABTAC and SAIBTH (National and International Advanced Aesthetician and Body Therapy Diplomas) and have taught, travelled and worked with Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Nutritionists. I have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and have been “self employed” for 16 years.  One of my many passions is the growth, development and upliftment of local communities – where there is a hunger to learn and grow. I select and train young women from these communities. The quality of training has received many compliments from International Spa connoisseurs and some of my trainees have been enabled to study further and become fully qualified therapists.

I believe deeply in the concept of whole-health and a comprehensive approach to the Spa and wellness experience. It is my strongest wish and aim that every client leave Just Haven in a better state than when they arrived – having experienced meaningful personal attention and exceptional hospitality and treatment.  It is our honour to welcome you to our facility, and a privilege be allowed to enter your personal space. As a result, we consider it our duty and responsibility to provide you with an experience that exceeds your expectations.


Healer & Trainer

Betty is like a mother to all in the team.  She is known for her wisdom and patience.



Charmain is known for her very strong hands.



Martha is ambitious and committed. She has gone ahead with additional formal training and has achieved beautifully. We are so proud of her.



The most detailed and organised member of our team – in charge of stores and event preparations.



The most nurturing and caring treater at Just Haven.



Proud and committed, Pedzesai maximises on every opportunity.



Rinky is known for her soft and loving hands.



Lovingly referred to as “Beautiful Patricia”.



Shy and funny, Betty is committed to her life and her kids.



Treasure is very serious about her work.