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Just Haven Spa Price List 2017

Body Exfoliation

Body Brushing (15 min)

Body Brushing stimulates the lymphatic and blood circulation while exfoliating dead skin cells. This treatment has long been used Naturopathically to encourage secondary elimination through the skin.

It is an invigorating treatment which enhances the benefits of massage or any other body treatment.

Body Polish (30 Min)

Enjoy the deep exfoliation benefit of sugar and salt blended with the essential oils of lime and ginger. This body peeling ritual exfoliates, stimulates and invigorates – leaving the skin feeling fresh, smooth, satin-soft and flawless.

The Body Polish is completed with the application of a decadent Body Lotion. This is a wonderful stand-alone treatment, or as a preparatory treatment for wraps and massage.


Vanilla Mud Wrap (2 hrs)

Enjoy a warming, sensory experience with a Body Polish and a Mud Mask Wrap containing green clay, vanilla, baobab and coconut milk. Finish this sublime journey with a Full Body Massage with vanilla or lemon verbena body butter.

Detoxifying Mud wrap (1 hr)

Thanks to essential oils and buchu, enjoy a cleansing and purifying mud wrap to reduce toxin build up in the muscles and skin.

Oxygenating & Hydrating Gel wrap  (1 hr)

A sensory experience of organic vegetables and sugar. Excellent for travel weary skin, pregnancy and dry skin. Hydrating and nourishing.

Cellulite wrap (1 hr)

Enjoy the benefits of fucus to stimulate superficial circulation and create erythema.

Spa Pedicure (75 min)

Enjoy the normal benefits of a pedicure with a warming mud mask, wrapped in a cocooning embrace. Deep draining massage and the benefits of hot stone or hot gloves.

Just Haven Spa Magaliesburg

Facial Treatments

Revitalize (1 hr)

The first step to a healthier skin. A one hr treatment to diagnose the skin’s condition and requirements, and to establish the needs of the client. The facial includes a proper cleanse, exfoliation and removal of impurities and concludes with a balancing mask. The skin is left soft, clean and refreshed.

Pamper (1 ½ hrs)

An in-depth treatment of the skin, bringing relief to conditions of dehydration, dryness, tired, dull skin or skin sensitivity. The treatment lasts an hr and includes an analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, massage and mask treatment allowing the skin to absorb the products applied and leaving the tissue rejuvenated and fresh.

Indulge (1 ½ hrs)

A facial treatment so rich and sublime that the “taste” lingers. The treatment lasts an hr and a half with the utmost attention to luxury and abundance, treating face and neck and eyes with specialised products for each area.

Regim A New Age Peel & Heel

20% – 40% facial Peel (1 ½ hrs)

70% – 90% Facial peel (1 ½ hrs)

Express Peels (30 min)

Arm Treatment (30 min)

Hand Treatment (30 min)

This is a medically accepted unique peeling formulation. It is easily tolerated by clients of all ages, even the very young problem skins and for a variety of reasons. It smoothens wrinkles and improves sun damaged skin, removes solar keratoses (sun spots, age spots, liver spots). Helps eliminate and control pigmentation, helps uneven skin tone, smoothens uneven texture. Helps control active acne and improves old acne scaring. Helps level and smooth course lumpy hypertrophic, keloid scars. Improves flexibility and mobility and flexibility of hard scarred skin and in certain cases improves function of old scarred areas. Helps restore normal pigmentation. Provides ultimate rejuvenation and definitive anti-aging.

Just Haven Spa Magaliesburg


Arm Wax, Lip OR Chin Wax
Back Wax, Lip & Chin Wax
Bikini Wax, Nostril Wax
Brazilian Wax, Pathway Wax
Chest Wax, Stomach Wax
Ear Wax, Toe Wax
Under Arm Wax, Full Leg Wax
Half Leg Wax


Esoteric Body Polish (90 min)

Body Polish followed by a full body massage with frangipani, basil and orange blossom massage oil.

Back & Neck Massages

30 min  
With Hot Stone OR Aroma
With Hot Stone AND Aroma

60 Min
With Hot Stone OR Aroma
With Hot Stone AND Aroma

Full Body Massages

60 Min
With Hot Stone OR Aroma
With Hot Stone AND Aroma

90 min
With Hot Stone OR Aroma
With Hot Stone AND Aroma

Indian Head Massages

30 min 
60 min

Foot Massage

30 min
60 min


Tinting & Tweezing

Brow Tint
Lash Tint
Brow Shape

Hands & Feet

French manicure
Gel manicure
Gel French Manicure
Mini Manicure – Foot file, nail and cuticle work

French Pedicure
Gel Pedicure
Gel French Pedicure
Mini Pedicure – Nail, cuticle work and paint or massage

Paraffin Wax
An intensely soothing, softening and moisturizing treatment. It is used clinically to soothe inflamed and painful joints. Highly recommended as an addition to your manicure or pedicure.

Hot Stone  
A deeply relaxing addition to your pedicure, for aching, tired and swollen feet

Gel paint
Gel Soak Off


Air (1 hr)

A light and lifting journey – perfect if you are not a full body person but still enjoy the benefits of massage.

30 minute Indian Head Massage
30 minute Back and Neck Massage

Earth (1 ½ hrs)

Enjoy a grounding experience with a full body 60 minute Aroma Massage selected to treat your current state, followed by a deeply relaxing 30 minute Indian Head Massage.

Water (2 hrs)

Soothing from top to toe as you open the flow of channels in your body.

30 min of Indian Head Massage followed with 30 min back and neck massage and completed with a 60 minute foot treatment.

Fire (2 hrs)

Energising and vitalising full body work for bodies on-the-go.

A 90 minute Hot Stone and Aroma Balm Massage, followed by a 30 minute Foot Massage to complete the energy workout.

Just Haven Spa Magaliesburg

Spirit (2 ½ hrs)

Full Body Polish followed by an Aromatic Balneo Treatment of rose and jasmine – for deep relaxation. The experience is completed with a 90 minute Aroma Massage with frangipani, basil and orange blossom massage oils

Tranquillity (4 hrs)

A sensual journey that includes a Pamper facial, Body Polish and 60 minute Full Body Massage with Aroma Balms. A pedicure completes the top to toe journey leaving your skin and soul polished, soft and silky.

Just Haven Spa Magaliesburg

Luminosity (5 hs)

Ideal for Brides and Grooms, to create luminous glowing skin for a beautiful and memorable day.

An Indulge Facial leaves the skin glowing and fresh, a Body Polish removes all dead skin cells and a 90 minute Full Body Aromatic Massage removes all tension from the muscles. The ritual is completed with a Spa Pedicure to ensure that every part of the body is treated.

Reward – Man Menu
(4 hrs)

After work and play, relax, streamline your body systems and stimulate your vitality. You will feel ready for anything: clear headed, energised and looking good. Body Brush, Body Polish, Full Body Massage, Pamper Facial and Manicure.

Inspire (4 hrs)

An oxygenating and revitalising top-to-toe treatment for men and women leaving the skin and body refreshed and energised. Enjoy a luxurious Indulge Facial, followed by a Body Polish, Vanilla Mud Wrap and a 60 minute Full Body Aroma Massage with vanilla and lemon verbena. This ritual is completed with a 30 minute Foot or Indian Head Massage.

Harmony (5 hrs 45 min)

An uplifting journey that begins with an invigorating Body Brush and Body Polish. Your body is then transported into a sublime state of relaxation with an Oxygenating Body Envelopment wrap, a 60 minute Full Body Aroma and Hot Stone Massage and an Indulgence Facial. The finishing touches of a Manicure and Pedicure complete the experience.

Nurture – Mother-to-Be

Gentle touch Pamper Facial and Indian Head Massage will relieve tension and ease aches and pains, while soothing you and your child.

Your tummy will feel supported and you will be comfortable in our massage chair as you relax into deep peace with a Back and Neck Massage. Finish with a releasing Foot Massage and Manicure and Pedicure to celebrate your beautiful body. Be nurtured, pampered and connected.

Just Haven Spa Magaliesburg

DIY Spa kits

DIY Spa kits are designed to enhance the benefits of the various hydrotherapies, and are available on request.

This kit includes a Body Scrub for the shower, to prepare your skin to detoxinate and absorb the wonderful ingredients of the treatment products; a Hair Mask and Body Mask to apply and enjoy in the steam room, offering nutritional and stimulating benefits to the hair and skin; A Shower Gel to use in a tepid shower to complete the experience; a Hydrating Body Lotion that will restore the skins pH and moisture balance and seal in the treatment.