The Boardroom spa picnic

The Boardroom Spa Picnic


The perfect incentive / reward.

Show your staff that you care.

Kick off your shoes and re- energise for an hour or so.

Enjoy a complete breakaway from the office AT the office with staff and colleagues.

Let us litter the boardroom with soft picnic blankets and pillows, feast on a delicious picnic lunch and enjoy a 15 to 30 min Neck and Shoulder, Hand or Foot massage.

Just Haven’s Board Room Picnic is a perfect incentive or reward …an opportunity to create a breather in the day to day chaos and rush of the job without interrupting the flow of business.

  1. Pamela

    Please could send me your hard copy of your brochure to my address.
    Pamela Ogbonna
    46 Durban road
    Cape Town

    Thank you.

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