Just Haven Mobile Spa

For the glory of the achievement, the fun of unique experiences, or the call of adventure, combine indulgent treatments with exotic adventures.

Be as daring and crazy as you like – you are guaranteed an event that creates a stir! Mobile Spa Events Ideal for: private or corporate groups of any size.

Team Builds

Combine any event with a spa experience.

Whether for escapism or adventure, great explorers know: there is always something more, something different, and something that has never been seen or done before!


Perfect for pamper parties, bridal showers & social get-togethers.

Enter a sociable harem of sensual enchantment. Enjoy the treats and spoils of good fortune because surely only kismet and serendipity brought you here?

Golf Days

Clients appreciate attention to detail and high-end customer care. Just Haven provides branded luxury set-ups at the short or 19th hole, keeps the flow going and reminds golfers and spectators alike: your company cares. If golf is not your game, choose another!

Fantasy & Adventure

Explore river rafting, tango dancing, horse whispering, Victorian picnics, laughter workshops, yoga, hot air ballooning, aeroplane rides, pole dancing, fly fishing, a Moroccan fantasy…

Allow Just Haven to take care of the details, enjoy an adrenalin rush or relax and feast. Celebrate in a fantasy of impeccable quality.

Pamper Spa

Celebrate and indulge in the decadent rituals of the ultimate Spa experience. Lose yourself, surrender, accept. There is no return once you are lost in paradise!

Perfect for top-end private or corporate groups that require luxury, style and elegance. Extensive treatment rituals offered in a full spa created especially for you at your chosen location.

About Just Haven

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Just Haven is a unique Nomadic Spa Concept for very special events. Heavenly comfort, sheer indulgence and exotic charm, breathtakingly created for you at the location of your choice.  We supply everything for hedonism, client care, holistic corporate wellness and escapism.

This is seven-star treatment in a world where luxury, delight and adventure are essential to well-being. Select your location, Just Haven does the rest.