Just Haven Mobile Spa

Just Haven’s unique Nomadic Spa Concept for very special events. Heavenly comfort, sheer indulgence and exotic charm, breathtakingly created for you at the location of your choice.

Harmonious nomadic gazebos, white draping billowing in the breeze, silver candelabra, warm wood, sumptuous chairs with soft throws and cushions, lush textures, exotic fragrance – Just Haven supplies everything for hedonism, client care, holistic corporate wellness and escapism.  This is seven-star treatment in a world where luxury, delight and adventure are essential to well-being. Select your location, Just Haven does the rest.  Find some event idea inspiration. 

Event Ideas

For the glory of the achievement, the fun of unique experiences, or the call of adventure, combine indulgent treatments with exotic adventures. Be as daring and crazy as you like – you are guaranteed an event that creates a stir! Ideal for: private or corporate groups of any size.  Find out more about Team Builds, Leisure, Golf Days, Fantasy & Adventure and Pamper Spa.  

HR & Wellness

Just Haven’s approach to corporate wellness is the ultimate experience of pamper and care. Read more about Wellness Days and Stress Management; Rewards and Incentives; and Health Care.

Branding & Marketing

At the end of the day, year, journey or launch, your clients need to know who you are and how you got there!  The satisfaction of a memorable event will linger.  Just Haven is ideal for Sales and Advertising initiatives, Product Launches and Activation Marketing, find out more.

Event Gallery
YPO Moroccan Spa Event 6

YPO Spa Picnic

Moroccan Spa Picnic at River Place Estate

Redefine Properties Spa Event 1

Redefine Properties

Spa Event at Bush babies Monkey Sanctuary

Wesbank Spa Event 1


Wesbank Event at Valley Lodge

Affordable Adventures Spa Event 1

Affordable Adventures

Affordable Adventures Open Day


Our costing is affected by many variables, so we cannot do set prices. To give an idea of cost, we require the following information:

a. Size of the group
b. Venue /area
c. Time availability for treatment
d. Specific treatments in mind

This information will dictate the set-up, Treaters and types of treatment. If your event is too far for a return journey in a day, accommodation and meals will need to be provided by the client. We are more cost effective for larger groups, because of the type of facility we offer .