Just Haven Mobile Spa

At the end of the day, year, journey or launch, your clients need to know who you are and how you got there!

The satisfaction of a memorable event will linger. Just Haven event management handles the A-Z, including catering, entertainment and venue. Your Car of the Year launch, fund-raising ball, networking dinner or annual gala will be a sensual feast that lingers for longer.

Sales & Advertising

Sales advertising event ideas

Be noticed; exclusive; unforgettable. Let it be known:  there is no-one like you in the jungle!

Product Launches

Product launch ideas

Savour the opportunity to showcase your treasures. Share the richness of your bounty! Ideal for product launches, sponsorships and marketing – brand your Just Haven set-up and bask in the glory.

Activation Marketing

activation marketing and promotions ideas

When it comes to client care, intimacy and activated branding, your own luxurious treatment facility says it in any language.